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Information on Central Energy Fund

The mandate of the CEF Group as a State Owned Entity (SOE) is to provide security of energy supply that supports a number of critical economic and developmental initiatives in the country, in alignment with the Department of Energy’s (DoE) Strategic intent for the next couple of years and the broader objectives of the National Developmental Plan (NDP). This is in recognition of the role of energy in enabling economic growth and improving the quality of life of ordinary South Africans. As the CEF Group, we remain committed in fulfilling our mandate whilst ensuring commercial viability that allows us to deliver on our developmental mandate.

CEF Vision

The CEF’s vision is to be a leading integrated energy company that provides national sustainable energy solutions for South Africa. This way the CEF contributes to national energy security.

CEF Mission

Our mission is to grow our footprint in the energy sector, and to be the catalyst for economic growth and energy poverty alleviation through security of supply, and access to acceptable (affordable) energy in Africa.

CEF Values

In all its dealings with stakeholders and in its business relationships, the CEF Group is committed to the following values:

Sustainability: The CEF Group commits to conduct all its activities in an environmentally and financially responsible manner, with no harm to the environment and the CEF Group stakeholders.

Integrity: The CEF Group commits to conduct all its dealings in an ethical and honest manner, and according to the highest corporate governance standards.

Professionalism: The CEF Group commits to uphold principles of efficiency, effectiveness and sound financial management.

Respect: The CEF Group commits to treat all its stakeholders in a fair and transparent manner while embracing the principles of ubuntu.

Communication: The CEF Group commits to communicate with all stakeholders openly, fairly and on time. All conflicts will be resolved using the best conflict resolution methods, with the relevant legal and statutory parameters

Central Energy Fund Act (previously State Oil Fund Act) 38 of 1977

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