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Social Responsibility

In August 2014, I gave birth to our first bundle of joy. The most beautiful and perfect little girl ever to be born to the world’s proudest parents.

Three weeks later, at our first visit to the pediatrician alarms sounded.  Chromosome tests were done and a week later the results were confirmed positive. Our precious baby has Down Syndrome which I knew nothing about. It took a while with family support and learning about Down Syndrome that I came to terms with it and realised that Down Syndrome is very general and has different variations and the best of all that there are many people  with Down Syndrome that are living normal lives.

Liva Iris, my daughter is the most loving little girl, giving every one hugs and is always friendly.

We named this Company after Liva Iris and our main goal is to improve the lives of people with abilities which are different from the norm.

Liva Iris inspires me each day to create awareness that Down Syndrome is a gift of love.

– Rose Coertzen

Liva Iris
Liva Iris

As people with less abilities than others do not always have the good fortune to be able to do recreational sports that open their horizons to new worlds without limitations. It is our social responsibility of Platinum Iris to focus on enriching the lives of individuals with special needs.

Recreational sport such as, scuba diving and snorkelling enhance motor skills development, intellectual skills, verbal information, creating a positive attitude and forming cognitive strategies. More benefits include muscle function, aids social skills, is educational and relaxing.

It is Platinum Iris’s aim to bring a little bit of wonder to some of these special people by sponsoring them to go diving and to do other extraordinary adventures, to brighten up their lives as they brighten up ours.

– Jasmin Coertzen

We support the following Association’s who care for special needs people:

Down Syndrome South Africa (DSSA)
Autism South Africa (A;SA)
Little Eden

Please assist Platinum Iris in supporting Down Syndrome South Africa

Please assist Platinum Iris in supporting Autism South Africa

Please assist Platinum Iris in supporting Little Eden